Members of JA hold a special place in their hearts for the geriatric community.  Many are forced to live in 24 hour care facilities when they themselves, or family, can no longer properly take care of them.  In some cases, living conditions are not ideal, and residents get lonely being away from family.  JA members recognized an opportunity to enhance their quality of life by literally just being a friend.  Members organize play dates with assisted living and nursing home residents throughout the year that consist of playing competitive games such as Bingo, and arts and crafts around the holidays.   The most popular event is the annual Mardi Gras Ball held at The Suites at Sugar Mill.  Family and friends of residents join in on the fun where a King and Queen are crowned, a DJ provides their favorite music, and there is even a local dance crew that performs for the crowd!  JA members provide and serve the dinner for the night of the event.

To find out more about this project or to inquire about how you can help JA make this project a success, contact committee members at sweet jaofhouma@gmail.com.