Domestic violence in America is a daily battle.  It rips families apart and has a lasting, psychological effect on victims.  “The Haven provides shelter, counseling, and other support to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.”   This State funded program is a necessity in any city; but with budget cuts, becomes more difficult to financially support each year.  In an effort to help with monthly expenses, JA of Houma created this project with the idea of providing groceries for residents on a monthly basis.  The project has since been enhanced by also providing a week of caring, each month, in which JA members cook a full meal each day for seven days for residents of the shelter.  In addition, JA members have volunteered to work office hours during business operations as extra support staff. 

To learn more about The Haven and how you may help, visit the organizations’ website at www.havenhelps.org.

To find out more about this project or to inquire about how you can help JA make this project a success, contact committee members at jaofhouma@gmail.com.